Artists from Two Rivers Art Gallery Show at Main Library Klamath Falls

Many artists from Two Rivers Art Gallery in Chiloquin are showing a variety of their work at the Main Library in Klamath Falls on Klamath Avenue.

We are excited to share this exhibit with you.

The director of Two Rivers Art Gallery and gifts, Judy Pate, has inspired local artists young and old to exhibit their art and has promoted the Chiloquin area of Klamath County for several years.

Please come in and experience our exhibit. Bring your children, get inspired!

Because we cannot show all the wonderful pieces and artists, why not come and see us at the Gallery in Chiloquin.  It is such a beautiful drive in the county of Klamath Falls.  Bring friends and family, get inspired!   
Through the month of September, we will be changing some of the artists in and out for your viewing.

We are proud to promote the local artist of Klamath Falls to you!

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