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Barbershop Gives Back with Fresh Cuts

A classroom at Stearns Elementary School was converted to a barbershop Tuesday when Fresh Cut Barbershop owner Cesar Lopez and his four barbers set up five chairs and shared their expertise by providing free haircuts and trims to students attending the district’s migrant summer school.

Fresh Cut Barbershop barbers set up a barbershop at Stearns Elementary School to provide free haircuts to migrant summer school students.

Students patiently waited their turn, watching classmates get their locks cut. By lunch time, 45 students sported new haircuts and gathered for a photo with the Fresh Cuts crew.

This is the second year Lopez has set up a barbershop for students in migrant summer program.

Fresh Cut Barbershop owner Cesar Lopez gives a free haircut to a student in KCSD’s migrant summer school program.

“It’s just a way to continue to give back to the community,” he said. “Almost my entire staff showed up to help.”

Fresh Cut barbers Justice Griffin, Reynaldo Garcia, Antonio Lujan and Christian Arechiga joined Lopez at the school, sharing their professional expertise.

Fresh Cut Barbershop barber Justice Griffin gives a free haircut to a student at KCSD’s migrant summer school.

Migrant summer school principal Ruben Paschal said students and parents were excited about the opportunity – and the outcomes.

“I want thank Fresh Cuts owner Cesar Lopez for doing this again and recruiting his whole shop for the effort,” Paschal said. “It’s all about partnering with our community and building up our students, and the barbers sure did that.”

Fresh Cut Barbershop barbers Justice Griffin, Cesar Lopez, Reynaldo Garcia, Antonio Lujan and Christian Arechiga volunteered their time and expertise Tuesday to set up a barbershop at Stearns Elementary School and provide free trims and haircuts to KCSD migrant summer school students.

KCSD’s migrant summer school is an academic program for migrant students and English language learners. It is taught by district teachers. This year, 84 students are enrolled. In the mornings, the focus in on reading, writing, and, math. After lunch, students participate in enrichment activities such as science, art, and music as well as go on field trips.

Fresh Cut Barbershop is at 2261 S 6th St Suite 4 in Klamath Falls.

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