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Bonanza HS Weight Room Gets Complete Renovation

Bonanza Junior/Senior High School unveiled a new, updated weight room this week featuring five complete power rack stations as well as new equipment and a fresh coat of paint.

The $25,000 renovation came courtesy of a $10,000 grant from the Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) and $15,000 in private donations.

The weight room opened to students on Monday, Nov. 29. During a weight class at the end of the day, students were joined by a few staff members and even the school’s resource officer, Deputy Justin Horton. Bonanza’s athletic director Sergio Cisneros challenged students to try the pull-up bar, and Horton was among those who took a turn.

The power rack stations allow groups of students to do four core workouts – clean, bench, squat and dead lifts. There also is space for circuit training and calisthenics.

“This is really, really nice equipment,” said W.D. Kness, a three-sport student athlete. “We can pretty much do any workout we want now. A big thanks to our administrators for helping us out.”

Kness and Cisneros joined Bonanza Principal Jordan Osborn, basketball coach Campbell Kness and students Adrian Mojica, Andres Mojica, and Bryce Nunn last week to help set up the power lift stations and organize the new facility. Cisneros and Osborn spent a day painting the walls before the new equipment was installed.

“We have focused this year on having pride in everything that we do, and this is certainly a space now that our kids can have pride in having and using to become bigger, stronger, faster and healthier,” Osborn said.

Osborn and Cisneros have been leading a charge to update the school’s facilities, and the new weight room is a part of their campaign to increase student participation, commitment, and pride. In the past two years, efforts have included renovations for the locker rooms and gymnasium and installation of new scoreboards and a baseball fence. They are currently finishing up a project that renovated an unused former shop into a common area and showcase for CTE (career and technical education) programs.

“There’s definitely excitement around Bonanza, and many students, staff and community members are coming together to make positive differences at their school,” Cisneros said. “As an administrative team, we’re happy to be able to help support students and the community.”

Over the last couple of years, the school has rebuilt its sports programs, which suffered from lack of participation and at one point left the school unable to field football or basketball teams. This year, more than 60 students were involved in fall sports, and participation in winter sports programs is strong.

Bonanza P.E. teacher Kelly Greif said the former weight room did not have up-to-date equipment, and students didn’t take the class or workouts seriously. Greif teaches three weight lifting classes during the day, and the facility also is used by athletes during practices.

“They’re excited about it, and they’re buying into the program,” he said.

Osborn, Cisneros and English language arts teacher Delana Heidrich applied for the OSAA grant last year. In the grant proposal, they outlined the need for the new weight room, pointing to outdated equipment and the desire to offer a safe program for students and student athletes.

“Our workout equipment is limited and safety is becoming a major concern,” they wrote. “… not only would an updated weight room support our student athletes, it would benefit the wellness of all Bonanza students and the community as a whole.”

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