New Showrooms At Two Rivers Art Gallery, in Chiloquin!

Two Rivers Art Gallery & Gift Shop in Chiloquin is excited about putting together not one but two Showrooms for April – May, and maybe even June, featuring 3 great artists and a Spring Wall as well.

We have our Show Room staged like a “Modern Home”, giving our cherished patrons ideas for their modern  home. They are led into an area where they can see themselves entering into their own home finding great ideas to enhance their home with new & unique artwork.

The artwork is fabulous and includes many different  options. There are modern sculptures, lamps, tables, stained glass, photographs, painting, drawings, and so  much more. We took artwork from each Artist and put artwork together by colors and design to create the  perfect choices for those who shop at Two Rivers Art Gallery. We invite you and your friends to come, take a look and  take home something special that fits into your décor.

Using our alcove, to the right as you enter our Gallery, we give you many ideas for a “Cabin or  Country/Western Style Home”.

You’ll find country style furniture (which includes the cutest dog bed ever,  lamps, stools, and tables), unique wall hangings with an outdoor flare, more stained glass, paintings, drawings,  and photography all designed for country homes!

There are pieces from many Artists; all at very reasonable  prices but worth so much more. We have already had many compliments on how our gallery looks and one  person saying, “oh, this is like a room”….. That was our goal and we believe we’ve met it.

Our jewelry Artists are displaying their artwork in such a beautiful way with added lights that reflect  the rare beauty of each piece of jewelry. Wire-wrapped deliquiately around each gem surrounded by row(s)  of more gems to form unforgettable necklaces. We have these unique and affordable art pieces as well as  more budget minded pieces of glass beaded jewelry selling for $6.50. Yes, that is low yet still amazing, nice  earrings and other jewelry made from beautiful glass beads. There is jewelry with everyone in mind!

Making the most out of this arrangement, we are able to feature three incredible Artists:

Charlie Halverson is a talented Artist who draws birds of many kinds. His drawing ability is  spectacular and is shown with simplicity through his drawings. Charlie loves using oils and pencils in his  drawings. He has received may First Place Awards in art shows. He is an exceptional Artist being inspired by  nature. He also draws mountain goats and horses. Charlie has been at Two Rivers Art Gallery & Unique Gift Shop since July of 2017 and we love showing and selling his work.

Billy Gogo is an enthusiastic award winning published photographer with many years of experience. As a  gallery, we are thrilled to have him as one of our photographers. He has been a featured photographer in  several publications i.e National Geographic Travel Magazine, Ducks Unlimited, Outdoor Photographer, Bird  Watching Daily, Photographer Forum, Digital Photo and Northwest Travel and Life Magazines.  

He was also awarded Best of Show/People’s Choice Award from KAA Gallery and was the Featured Photographer at our  local Winter Wings Festival in 2020, with his Barrow Goldeneye selected as the 2020 Mascot Image. Billy has  won numerous awards throughout his photographic journey and his work has been aired on Nikon’s Birding  Adventure Show. He also has had several one man featured Artist Shows. Billy’s artwork is displayed  throughout the country and in businesses locally. 

Chris Hellner is a nature lover. She began basket weaving 13 years ago using pine needles, gourds,  driftwood, moss, cones and pods. She has recently expanded her artistic abilities by using them in “Stick ‘n  Stones” wall hanging art featured in cute little boxes you can display on the wall. They have been VERY  popular! Chris has been with us for 6 years now and never ceases to amaze us. Come and enjoy her basket  sculptures and wall hangings! Take them home with you and enjoy them in your own home.

Due to a great response from our Artist to bring in Spring-like artwork, we have a great wall of Spring art.  When our customers walk through our doors, they can look straight ahead and see an up-lifting wall of Spring pleasure.

All these wonderful art pieces are found in our very popular Art Gallery and Unique Gift Shop called: “Two  Rivers Art Gallery & Gift Shop” in Chiloquin. Why do we, a non-profit volunteer organization, work so hard to  keep our Gallery open and running efficiently? Our logo says it all: “For the Love of Art and Artists”.  You can learn more about our Gallery and our many Artists (approx.. 85) at our website; and when you inquire, as the Director, I can personally get you connected with  our many Artists and answer your questions. Please like us and share us on our website and visit us on  Facebook.

You’ll find us in our small community of Chiloquin in Oregon on the main street housed in our nice Community  Center. We have over 3,000 sq ft of artwork for you to enjoy! 

140 S 1st St, Chiloquin, Oregon 

541-783-3326, OPEN 11-4 [starting in May 11-5]

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