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KU Math Team Adds Up to #1

Throughout the past six years, the Klamath Union Math team has been studying, critically thinking, and preparing for the five regional competitions they compete at during each academic school year. With 22 actively participating KU students, the Math team’s hard work, dedication, and love for the subject have proven them to be a force to be reckoned with as they successfully came back from their last regional competition with 1st place, for the 6th year in a row.

Math Teacher and Math team adviser Casey Kliewer shares “The students who participate in the Math team are our best and brightest. They practice and prepare for the meets through what they learn in their challenging math courses where they get their training.” The day students got ranked #1 Kliewer shared how the students reacted to the news “Well they were elated. We have a history of celebration.”

During each of the regional competitions’ students separate into teams of six and participate in a series of four different events, with each event consisting of a type of miniature test students must answer extremely challenging math questions, nothing like their typical textbook problems. Each test is made to make students think creatively, and use what they have previously learned in ways they aren’t familiar with, then the students are scored and ranked. We are proud to say our Klamath Union High School students have previously done very well, and we trust will continue to do so.

Sophomore student Ian Usher who is currently taking Calculus and has participated in Math team for the past two years expressed “I really enjoy it myself, and I know other students do to. We get to see some complicated math problems and when we solve it, the feeling is overwhelming. Hanging out with friends on the trip is really fun too. ”

After years of celebrating their well-earned results, students have created a celebratory tradition where they head to the Rogue Valley Mall and participate in Laser Tag games. “Students really enjoy the fun team building activity after the event. It really brings the students together” said Kliewer. “I’m super proud of them. It’s all their commitment and hard work.”The KU Math team is continuing to stay strong and work hard to maintain their ranks. We wish our brilliant math team good luck in their next few regional competitions to come.

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