‘Earthshine’ Event Sponsored by Klamath County Museum Planned This Month – Read Here!

An astronomy event to observe “earthshine” on the surface of the moon will be offered by the Klamath County Museum at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, March 9.

The free event will be held in the parking lot of Foothills Christian Fellowship, at the north end of Patterson Street.

Amateur astronomers will be on hand with portable telescopes to point out other features of the winter night sky, such as the Orion nebula.

“Earthshine is a fascinating phenomena that is easy to observe, but which many people are unaware of,” said museum manager Todd Kepple. “The weather forecast looks pretty marginal for this weekend, but we’ll hope for the best.”

Other astronomy events planned for later this year include the following:

April 6 – Chiloquin Skies Star Party.

May 11 – Spring Astronomy Day.

June 21 – Mercury meets Mars, with Saturn rising.

August 3 – Astronomy “superstars” Jupiter and Saturn.

Sept. 21 – Moon in the morning.

Oct. 5 – Fall Astronomy Day.

Nov. 11 – Mercury transit across the sun.

Nov. 23 – Venus meets Jupiter.

Dec. 28 – Moon and Venus photo op.

For more information contact the museum at (541) 882-1000.

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