Hunter Communications recognizes Mental Health Awareness Month

Hunter Communications recognizes Mental Health Awareness Month with a Focus on Customer and Employee Well-Being is Mental Health Awareness Month, and Hunter Communications is reaffirming its commitment to the well-being of both its customers and employees. With a focus on mental health support, Hunter highlights
its initiatives to address the challenges faced by both groups.

Supporting Customers with Bark
In the wake of United States Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy’s recent advisory report on “Social Media and Youth Mental Health,” Hunter acknowledges the pressing need to address the mental health crisis affecting today’s youth. With social media playing a significant role in shaping their experiences, it’s crucial to provide solutions that mitigate potential harm.

Statistics reveal that a staggering 95% of teens use social media, with younger children increasingly joining these platforms. However, the rise in cyberbullying and its detrimental effects cannot be overlooked. In response, Hunter champions the use of social media monitoring tools like Bark, empowering parents to safeguard their children’s online experiences.

“Bark puts the power into the hands of parents who seek to protect their children from the potential harms of social media,” says Anne Tetamore, mother of two and VP of Marketing at Hunter Communications. “We understand the importance of creating safe digital environments where children can thrive.”

Supporting Employees with Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

In addition to supporting their customers, Hunter values doing the right thing for their employees as well. One of the benefits Hunter offers employees is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at no cost to them and their families. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Department of the Census, 66% of medium-sized companies (100-499 employees) offer their employees an EAP benefit.

Through the Hunter EAP, employees have access to self-care mobile apps for help with insomnia, anxiety, substance abuse, and more. They are also offered wellness guides, webinars and podcasts, assistance with elder care and childcare, help with teen and adolescent issues, and most important – phone and in-person
consultations with mental health professionals.

When faced with the sudden loss of a long-time and beloved employee, the company responded swiftly and was able to implement counseling services through its EAP within 24 hours.

“Our colleague’s sudden passing was hard on everybody, and our EAP provided a trauma counselor in the office, who was very warm and comforting,” states Jason Robinson, Operations Manager at Hunter Communications. “Instead of dealing with the tragedy alone, we were able to process our grief together while coping with a big loss.”

Even though it isn’t a topic most employers feel comfortable addressing, mental health is crucial to our overall well-being. At Hunter, we believe that discussing mental health, despite its challenges due to stigma, fear of judgment, and the potential complexity of emotions involved never-the-less is of the utmost

About Hunter Communications
Hunter is headquartered in Medford, Oregon, where the company has established a legacy of service excellence and commitment to local communities. The company currently provides service throughout Oregon including Medford, Grants Pass, Klamath Falls, Eugene, McMinnville, and surrounding towns. With multi-gig speeds, no data caps, competitive pricing, and customer service representatives who genuinely
care, Hunter’s 3,000-plus mile fiber network is nationally recognized for performance and reliability.

To learn more about Hunter Communications, visit or call 541-772-9282.

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