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Spring Advertising Specials! Join us at BasinLife.com and Wynne Broadcasting!


Start Advertising for as low as $65 a month with our online digital package, plus radio mentions, Email Blasts and more… with BasinLife.com’s Combo Advertising Package! 

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Want to reach more people in the Klamath Basin!  BasinLife.com from Wynne Broadcasting is ready to help!

Wynne Broadcasting’s BasinLife.com, is the #1 place to advertise your business online! We’re the digital home of the Klamath Basin. Thousands of readers and viewers stop by every week.

Reach your customers on our 6 Radio Stations, on Facebook & Instagram and here on BasinLife.com on our Homepage, Feature Pages and City Pages.

We produce Feature Articles, Offers and Deals, Direct Link Banner Ads, Online Business Interviews, Social Media Posts, and Daily Radio Mentions.

 Our 4 Great Advertising Offers!

Super Deals! 
Be a part of our monthly
Super Deals Email Blast with ads emailed to over 11,000 residents in the Klamath Basin! Do it this month or every month!

Essentials Campaign
Perfect for smaller budgets! (Call or email for our low price: Info@BasinLife.com.)

Gold Campaign
Our very popular Gold plan covers you with articles, direct link banner ads, radio mentions of your business name and extras we can’t mention here. Call or email us for info.)

Premier Partner Campaign
This is our largest ad campaign and many top businesses in the Klamath Basin enjoy this huge advertising list of features. Over 50% of our client partners choose this full Premier Partnership.  It’s a complete package that even includes a Business Video and Email Blast!

Call today at 541-363-7503
or email us at Info@BasinLife.com.

We’re ready to help you with the latest radio and digital and social media campaigns at the most reasonable advertising rates in Southern Oregon. 

No other advertising reaches the Klamath Basin and Southern Oregon like Wynne Broadcasting’s BasinLife.com.

Call 541-363-7503. Email: Info@BasinLife.com.


Did you know that 87% of readers respond to Videos and Digital Ads better and faster than TV commercials.  Let us be your video and digital advertising partner. 

Most people in the Klamath Basin see BasinLife.com on their phone or computer while at work or home relaxing.  Your customers are here…reading our daily news, checking weather and reading our many features stories. Put our best offer to work here and let us showcase it online and on radio!



…An example of the power of BasinLife.com…is this page right here.  It has been seen over 339,428 times already! Call or email us to discuss your needs or business challenge and get our team focused on it.


Call 541-363-7503.   Email: Info@BasinLife.com.

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