Introducing TYM Tractors – The New Line-up from Keno Tractors, Highway 66!

Keno Tractors is a proud TYM Tractor dealership in Keno, OR. Are you looking for a TYM tractor for sale? Trust our team to help you find the perfect tractor for your projects!

TYM Tractors are known for their functionality, engineering, and design. Whether you own a large farm that needs major work or small project property, we have the perfect TYM Tractor waiting for you.

Keno Tractors…America’s Online TYM Tractor Dealership!
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We carry all popular TYM Tractor models, from the easily maneuverable 21.5 horsepower Series 1 Sub-Compact T224 Tractor to the powerful 111 horsepower Series 6 T1104 Utility Tractor.

Our broad selection of TYM Tractors includes popular attachments and implements, including front-end loaders, backhoes, and mid-mount mowers.

Are you having trouble deciding exactly which TYM Tractor and implements you need? No problem! Give our TYM Tractor specialists a call toll free at 866-363-8193. They can help you find the perfect tractor for your needs and you can get a custom quote for your new tractor from Keno Tractors, your trusted TYM Tractor Dealer!

Keno Tractors…We are the leading Oregon Tractor Dealer and a National Sales Leader! We sell affordable tractors across the U.S.

Keno Tractors is one of the largest tractor dealers in the U.S.A., fully stocked and ready to ship. We also maintain a large parts and service department too. Order implements and accessories direct from us and we’ll get it to you!

When it comes to great customer service and quality product, we’re the leader in Tractor Sales in Oregon, California, Washington and now serving you Nationwide.

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