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Featured Artist Alli Dob… at Two Rivers Art Gallery & Gift Shop in Chiloquin

Alli Dob does hand blown borosilicate glass drinkware, and glass pendants. She also has dyed mohair locks to sell. Most of her glass artwork is functional, such as pens, shot glasses, and essential oil teapot candles.

Alli and her family all seem to be artists and they help Alli out with her artwork. She lives in Sprague River with her husband Nate and her 3 year old Olive. Olive will tell you she does watercolor and she is going to be an artist. We love it when little ones come in and tell their Mom, when leaving, “I need to stay here forever, Mom”.

Her glass artworks are so cute and such a nice variety. Her glass pendants are in the shape of hearts, butterflies, flip flops, etc. Very pretty colors! Alli finds “old world” arts to be incredibly intriguing and limitless. It is nature, music, and history that inspires Alli.

Alli decided to bring her artwork into Two River Art Gallery & Gift Shop because we are local and are supporting local Artists. She also loves how our Gallery is full of beautiful and unique pieces of artwork and felt that her art would fit right in with the artwork already being displayed and sold.

See her work at Two Rivers Art Gallery in Chiloquin.

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