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Featured Artist Regina Dohman at Two Rivers Art Gallery & Gift Shop in Chiloquin

Two Rivers Art Gallery & Gift Shop is proud to feature the work of local artists and artisans. Currently on display is the work of one of our newest artists and Chilo-Crafters, Regina Dohman.

Regina is one of our members of “Chilo-crafters”. She is now one of our newest Artists. Regina crochets lots of fun “ragdolls”. We like to call them “Unstuffies”. Many parents use them like a pillow and blanket for their babies but they also can be used as fun unstuffies for children as their favorite “blankie”. She crochets many resembling animals and super heroes. Children love them!

Regina started crocheting to save money for 13 grandchildren who love them as gifts. It was her grandchildren and family who inspired her to make more and sell them in a gallery. She chose Two Rivers Art Gallery & Gift shop because she was already a member of their Chilo-crafters and the Gallery is close to her home. The Gallery had to “beg her to bring in more ragdolls to sale in the gallery”. She finally gave in to our consistent effort to have her as one of our Artists. Sometimes we have to go to great lengths to recruit difficult potential Artists (lol). Our encouragement of, especially new Artists, has paid off through the years and it is supporters, like yourself, who continue to encourage our 90+ Artists by visiting the Gallery and purchasing their beautiful and unique artworks.

You can find our Gallery information on our website: or take time to come and visit our Gallery for yourself located in Chiloquin’s Community Center. We are open 11-4 Tuesday – Saturday and would love to have you visit us.

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