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Busting the Myths Around Astigmatism Vision with Scientific Facts

1 in every 3 people in the USA has astigmatism. But there is less awareness about what is astigmatism. It is a refractive vision error where your cornea is in an abnormal shape. This results in blurry vision, double vision, squinting, headache, and other eye health issues.

There are various myths surrounding astigmatism vision. Our purpose of writing this article is to debunk all such myths. And put the scientific facts in front of you. Let’s get started!

Myth No. 1: Astigmatism is a Minor Vision Problem

Fact: It’s very inconvenient to perform daily tasks with unclear and blurry vision. It becomes challenging to drive a vehicle or even read a notice board with astigmatism vision. The condition gets worse at night. Therefore it is certainly not a minor vision issue and should be treated at the earliest.

Myth No. 2: Astigmatism is Cured by Laser Eye Surgery Only

Fact: Minorastigmatism doesn’t even need any cure. And if it is severe, then it can be easily treated with corrective eyewear. Only in a chronic condition and after a detailed diagnosis can an ophthalmologist recommend eye surgery.

Myth No. 3: Contact Lenses Don’t Work in Case of Astigmatism Vision

Fact: Yes, Regular contact lenses don’t work for astigmatism vision. But optometrists recommend unique kinds of lenses for this condition. Toric contact lenses are most famous for astigmatism. They can move with your eyes to help with distorted vision.

Myth No. 4: Only Adults Get Affected by Astigmatism

Fact: The most common cause of astigmatism is inheritance. If you or your parents had this issue, your kid also might get affected. The only difference is kids might not catch its symptoms like an adult. Therefore you should take your kids for regular eye check-ups.

Myth No. 5: Excessive Screen Time Aggravates Astigmatism Vision

Fact: Extended screen time doesn’t worsen the astigmatism Vision. However, excessive screen time is not suitable for the eyes in general. Whether you have astigmatism or not. You should limit your screen time on the laptop, computer, tablet, mobile, etc., for the health of your eyes.

Myth No. 6: Astigmatism Can’t Remain Undetected

Fact: Well, it’s partly true. If it is a too minor condition, then it can go undetected sometimes. In kids, it can go undetected. As mentioned earlier, they might miss its symptoms. But as an adult, you will mostly experience symptoms like blurry vision, eye strain, squinting, headache and others.

Myth No. 7: Eye Exercises Can Treat Astigmatism Vision

Fact: Eye exercise is good for your eye health. It will relax your eye muscles. It can also help to a certain extent in the case of double vision and crossed eyes. But eye exercises can’t correct the abnormally-shaped lens and cornea in astigmatism.

Wrapping Up!

You should gain the proper knowledge about what is astigmatism and how does astigmatism vision affects your eyes. Meet a good eye doctor and go for regular eye check-ups. In this way, you will not fall for the myths circulating about astigmatism or other vision-related issues.

Author Bio:  

Aaron Barriga is the online marketing manager for Insight Vision Center. With a knack for understanding medical procedures, and an interest in eye and vision health, Aaron loves to share what he knows and what he learns. He blogs with a mission of informing readers about the latest eye care technology and other topics related to eye care especially LASIK. He loves collecting coasters from the different bars and restaurants he visits during his travel.

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