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Sign Up for Oregon’s New Emergency Alert System

Oregon has a new emergency alert notification system, OR-Alert.

The rollout comes as Oregon has recently faced severe weather events including ice storms, extreme drought, and a record-breaking heatwave that has contributed to an early and dangerous wildfire season. With OR-Alert, people can now sign up for alerts custom to their geographic area and receive notifications in the most convenient way possible.

OR-Alert is an effort to ensure statewide access to receive alerts, warnings, and notifications (AWN) systems, enabling real-time sharing of hazard information across Oregon’s 36 counties and tribal governments. This technology also allows county emergency managers to access notification tools including FEMA’s Integrated Alerts and Warnings System (IPAWS) which is capable of issuing messaging to all cell phones in a geographic area. 

Alerts are sent by official public safety and emergency management authorities at the local, county, tribal, and/or state level depending on the scope of the emergency.

Governor Brown is urging Oregonians to prepare for emergencies by signing up to receive alerts. “Last year’s historic fire season has taught us that being prepared can truly be the difference between life and death”. Brown said with Oregon now facing increasing climate-related weather events, “…there’s never been a better time to make a plan with your family to be prepared”.

Statewide Interoperability Coordinator William Chapman said between extreme weather, wildfire and the pandemic, it became clear that the state needed a streamlined and customizable way to enable emergency managers at the local, county, Tribal and state level to communicate with the populations they serve across the state and at a moment’s notice.

Anyone can sign up free for alerts by text, web, or mobile app.

To get signed up, go to: https://oralert.gov/

How to sign up for alerts

1Find your local alert system using the search feature
Each jurisdiction has its own unique notification system. Use the search bar on this page to locate your county system by county, city, or zip code. Click Select & Continue to visit your county’s sign-up form.
2Fill out your contact details and select topics
The notification system only requires basic information like your name and phone number. Fill out the form, select what notifications you’re interested in, and click submit to begin receiving notifications.

Sign up to receive emergency alerts and severe weather warnings that could directly impact you and your family.

This free service allows fire, police and other emergency response agencies to issue emergency alerts to warn citizens of events such as severe weather, fire, flooding, hazardous materials, need for immediate evacuation, civil danger, local area emergencies, and missing persons.

You can indicate the types of alerts and notifications you would like to receive and your preferred contact methods. Enter your PHYSICAL address and zipcode to receive advanced warning of severe weather or emergencies that directly impact the area in which you live or work. 

These alerts are provided free of charge, however standard text messaging rates and other charges may apply.

To get signed up, go to: https://oralert.gov/

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