Oregon’s April Snow Surveys Completed

The Klamath National Forest has completed the April snow surveys. These measurements are a part of the statewide California Cooperative Snow Survey Program, which helps the State forecast the amount of water available for agriculture, power generation, recreation, and streamflow releases later in the year.

Snow Survey & Water Supply | NRCS

Although the snowpack is still lower than average, a series of small to moderate snow events this month have brought the monthly measurements for April closer to normal than in March.

According to measurements taken for the April survey, the snowpack is at 80% of the historic average.

April 1 st is an important date for surveying snow because early April is historically when the snowpack is at its maximum; this date has the greatest weight when the State forecasts annual water availability.

Most of the annual streamflow in the western United States originates as snowfall that has accumulated in the mountains during the winter and early spring. As snowpack accumulates each year, NRCS hydrologists measure the snow and estimate the runoff that will occur when it melts.To predict this annual runoff, the Snow Survey & Water Supply Forecasting Program manages and maintains a comprehensive network of manually-measured snow courses and automated Snow Telemetry (SNOTEL) monitoring sites throughout the West. Administered by the National Water & Climate Center, the Program collects and distributes timely, quality-controlled snowpack, water supply, and soil climate data to users worldwide.
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