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Micro Mobility That a 14-Year-Old Can Drive Hits French Roads This Summer

Last week, French automaker Citroën unveiled the “Ami,” a non-conformist take on micrömöbility that hits French roads this summer. 

It showcases a step up in comfort from a scooter or bike. The interior has bins to store what you want, and a place for your phone and a Bluetooth speaker. All of these features help the price stay low.

image by Citroen

The Ami’s “light quadricycle” classification means anyone 14 and older in France can drive it, no license necessary. The Ami plugs into a normal electric socket and at roughly nine feet long, checking in a foot shorter than a typical Smart Car. The Ami’s top speed is 28 MPH, great for large cities and congested spaces. Not so much for highways! 

  • The vehicle costs $22/month to lease with $3000 down, 30¢/minute on a ride-share app, or $6,600 to buy.

Expect to see a lot more electric vehicles such as the Ami in the next few years. Remember, in Paris, a literal child could be behind the wheel, so stay safe!

As an antidote to urban congestion and rising emissions, micromobility has taken off in European cities. Electric options include bikes, scooters, and even light quadricycles. 

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