Beat Sugar Addiction for Better Weight Loss Results

If your weight loss goals keep falling flat despite your best intentions, it may be due to an addiction you don’t even know you have. An addiction to sugar doesn’t mean that you can’t resist a slice of chocolate cake; it’s a true physiological addiction.

World-renowned cardiologist and creator of the original South Beach Diet, Dr. Arthur Agatston, believes the secret is cutting out sugar and embracing a keto-friendly lifestyle. 

“Sugar addiction, resulting in insulin resistance, is a big contributor to obesity, diabetes and heart disease,” Agatston said. “‘The New Keto-Friendly South Beach Diet’ follows the proven principles of the low-carb South Beach Diet, includes the keto diet’s higher fat and increases lean protein to combat sugar addiction and improve health.”

Agatston’s book is unique in that it follows the proven principles of a low-carb, good-carb, good-fat, healthy-protein approach, layers in science-backed elements of a higher fat diet and modifies it to increase protein.

Consider these insights from Agatson to help a achieve a healthier lifestyle by blending the keto and low-carb approaches into one eating plan:

More carbs and protein than keto: A keto-friendly, low-carb diet does not require a person to be in strict ketosis to put his or her body into fat-burning mode, lose weight and reap the health benefits. The heart-healthy eating plan is both low carb and high fat but allows for higher levels of carbohydrates and provides more protein than strict keto.

A different approach to burning fat: A keto and low-carb eating plan switches your body from “fat storage” to “fat-burning” by decreasing blood insulin levels without going into ketosis, achieving essentially the same results with a more flexible diet that is low in carbs and high in fat and protein.

Clarity on good vs. bad fats: Research shows saturated fats are generally healthy, and the relationship between omega-6 vegetable oils and omega-3 fish oils has been better characterized. Omega-6 vegetable oils are now classified as bad fats while there is more evidence omega-3 fats are good for you.

Increased metabolism: Metabolism has been shown to increase with lower insulin levels. When a person eats too much sugar or quickly digestible carbs, their insulin levels increase. If this happens over time, the body responds by going into fat storage mode. Low-carb diets reduce insulin levels, helping unlock that fat so the body can metabolize it at a higher rate.

Conscious timing of meals: Someone who adopts a keto or low-carb diet may also find benefits from intermittent fasting, or extending the time between meals, as an effective strategy to jumpstart weight loss or to get back on track after a plateau. The notion is not that one must fast, but that longer stretches between eating, specifically eating low carb, helps with insulin reduction. An example of this would be to eat breakfast as added food for lunch or eat breakfast for lunch and have lunch as a midday snack.

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