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Wearable Tech Potential – Get Moving More This Year!

One of the hottest holiday gifts this past Christmas was wearable tech. So now what? It’s time to put your tech to its best use! Wearables can “bring it” with fun and motivation into a new or existing exercise routine and here’s how!

Travel by Tracking:

Track those miles and then apply them to a virtual coast-to-coast trek by the end of 2020! Here are some links to joining some interesting fitness challenges. Some of these have a cost involved, others are free. And you can always start your own group to Trek across the US!

Design Your Own HIIT Routine

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is all the rage! It involves mixing short bursts of intense exercise with short periods of moderate activity. Use the heart rate monitoring on your wearable to give yourself mini challenges on your equipment or outside. Involve fixed points of reference, and challenge yourself to burst into higher activity during the set intervals!

Friends and Family Challenges

Set a fun prize for the friend or family member who takes the most steps in a week. Does your wearable tech track standing up or movement? Challenge a co-worker to reduce their sitting by a set percentage point after measuring a baseline or be a calorie-burning team by seeing who can burn the most calories in a given workday.

New Rewarding Habits

Get used to your wearable by starting a walking routine today. Not only will it showcase the great features of your tech, but it is also a great way to start an exercise habit.

Check out these seven great reasons to walk out your door.

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