KCSD Adds Six New Propane Buses to its Fleet

Klamath County School District added six new school buses to its fleet this month.

The Bluebird propane buses have tinted windows and top-of-the-line safety features including child safety alarms on the rear doors, two front mirrors so the driver can see students crossing the street, higher seatbacks, and better video surveillance.

The district is gradually replacing its regular route diesel buses with propane buses, said Shawn Snoozy, transportation supervisor for the Klamath County School District.

“The propane buses get better fuel economy, have top-of-the-line emission standards, and save money and time on maintenance,” he said. “It costs too much to maintain emission standards on diesel buses so we’re going to propane, which burns so much cleaner.”

The school district has 90 buses in its fleet, which logged 1.4 million miles annually. Currently, the district has 22 propane, six gasoline, and 62 diesel buses.

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