Kori guy Crutcher – Native American Artist Featured at Two Rivers Art Gallery

Kori Guy is a Native American painter and potter. Kori a mixed-blood Navajo of the To’ahee’d Lii’nii Clan (Where the Waters Flow Together Clan), is also Cherokee and Mohawk. Her grandparents were from the Canyon DeChelly, and the Lukachukai areas of the Navajo Reservation. Being raised with the Navajo traditions and stories by her Grandparents, Kori feels it is impossible to do her artwork without drawing from her deep love of the traditions she was raised with. Kori lives “way up in the mountains “where she has a studio and working gallery, and the beauty inspires her. Her art name- Dine’Woolchoo’n, means- Navajo Quilt.

She believes that her Navajo traditions are the thread that has given her the sanity and strength to put all the pieces of herself together in this world in which we live in.

Guy has showed for the past several years Denver March Powwow ( ‘09-99), Colorado Indian Market (’09-99), Denver Indian Christmas Market (’04 where she was a featured demonstrating artist), Denver Christian Indian Christmas show, Colorado Watercolor Society Shows (for several years being a member of their board), Kansas Indian Market; and this year she added the prestigious Tesoro (The Fort) Indian Market this past Spring, where she was one of the demonstrating artists and is now will be expanding to Minnesota Indian Market, and Albuquerque and Tucson Markets, and the Navajo Fair in Window Rock in the Fall, and many of the smaller powwows and shows around Colorado and surrounding areas. While Guy was a teacher (1989-00) at Colorado’s Finest Alternative High School, working with At-Risk young people, she took 15-20 young people between the ages of 14-21 out to the Navajo Reservation to let them do service work and better understand her culture. She personally also received the Teacher of Excellence Award from Englewood Schools from 1997-99 for her work in taking young people to the Navajo Reservation. She welcomes any to come and visit her studio. Hers is an open door.

Kori Guy currently has moved to Oregon, where she is living on their 455-acre horse ranch, Heartline Ranch,
with her husband Bob Crutcher, and their 8 horses. They take the public on guided horse rides during the summer. Kori retired from teaching Watercolor painting at OIT, and was also a Professor of Political Science,
teaching Native American Studies at Metro College in Denver, CO., since 2004, teaching Native American
Studies online since the fall of 2010. Guy and her artwork can be seen in many shows local to Colorado and Oregon and National shows all during the year. Kori has had shows at the Mari Michener Gallery in Greeley CO, among other places.

Kori has a deep love for the Earth, her Mother, and its people, and uses her artwork for teaching, healing, and enlightenment of others, as her Navajo traditions and examples have taught her. All of her pottery and paintings are a direct result of something that she has experienced or learned and wishes to share with those around her. Being a professional artist for 47 years, and an educator for 36 years, Kori now calls her artwork Story-paintings and Story-pots. So, due to the requests for the written stories about each piece, when you buy one of her pieces, Kori will make sure that you have the story as a part of that piece and will be glad to answer any questions you might have, if possible. She also feels there are some things about her culture that will remain only with her people, as she was instructed. There is a need for all of us to understand one another, and this education and love for people, while still remaining uniquely diverse is what drives her artwork. She invites you to joyfully participate with her in the dance of life as you enjoy her artwork, and she challenges you to dare to live and be a part of your own life and future.

Kori Guy, Dine’ Woolchoon’, Heartline Ranch, P.O. Box 287, Chiloquin, OR 97624, 541-887-9013,
www.KoriGuyArt.com, KoriGuy1@gmail.com

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