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Winter is Coming. Prepare With These Workplace Tip Videos

Fall is the best time to prepare your business for the cold ahead. In the past five years, SAIF has seen more than 3,400 claims for injuries caused by snow and ice. [Data by county available upon request.]  

Make a plan—before the snow and ice arrive—by starting with these video tips from SAIF customers. 

Shuffle your feet. Evergreen Curling Club’s Matt Starr spends a lot of time on the ice. A Minnesota native, he learned quickly that shuffling your feet on icy surfaces can prevent slips, falls, and concussions. Keep your weight forward and your knees bent. You can also practice your form with this video on how to walk like a penguin

Clear the way. Linfield College’s Erik Stenehjem says their biggest concern during the winter months is getting people from place to place. Each member of the college’s weather team has assigned areas of the campus. They make sure the walkways and stairs are clear and safe and distribute de-icing granules if needed. 

Learn from the birds. Even in the wind, rain, and cold, the animals enjoy Oregon’s outdoors, and so should you. C.J. McCarty, the curator of birds at the Oregon Coast Aquarium, recommends bundling up with layers of warm clothes next to your skin and a waterproof jacket that’s lightweight and flexible.  

Learn more about how to prepare at saif.com/cold

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C.J. McCarty, the curator of birds at the Oregon Coast Aquarium

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