Welcome to Three New Artists At Two Rivers Art Gallery!

Jessica “Sunshine” McCallum is one of our new Artists. Her theme is “clowns.” She uses acrylic to paint her clowns on wood. While gazing on a campfire, Jessica could see how she would us those cuts of wood as canvasses. Jessica could see a clown in the wood so she drew the clown on the wood. One of her friends loved it so much he nailed it to his wall. This encouraged Jessica to create more of them as a series using paints. For her, the clowns are the spiritual element to her work. Jessica has been drawing since she was young which helped her to land a job as a sculptor and painter for Universal Studio’s Islands of Adventure, Toon Lagoon. Jessica is new to Chiloquin and is inspired by the love and nature she has found in our community and through the country-side. We are glad to welcome Jessica into our community and our Gallery.

Kathleen Peterson creates 100% recycled hand-made paper and paper mache masks, sketches, paintings, photography and more. Kathleen uses a great mix of mediums: handmade paper, paint, ink, crayon, pencil, yard debris, onions and everything that can be used and reused. Kathleen has traveled through the country living on a bus. Her art depicts the interactions of people, the love of creation, and the many changes in nature. Nature inspires her as well as emotional responses between people, her children, and her dog. As a new resident, she would love to be a part of this beautiful, local artistic community. She has painted a large mural on a wall in Eugene, Oregon. She loves having an opportunity to express her artistic self and share her creations with others at Two Rivers Art Gallery & Gift Shop. Come see her many masks and hand-made paper at our Gallery and we welcome Kathleen into our community and our Gallery.

This mask is part of our Mask Mania where 50 masks have been entered from Artists from Northwest and Southwest Oregon. Over $1,000 worth of prizes on Oct. 27th at 2 pm. Come join in on the Gala fun as awards are being handed out to our winners.

Slade Sizemore decided to join in on our Mask Mania in a very unique way. His mask is not for sale due to obvious reasons. See picture: lol

Slade uses all-natural materials for his art creating very unique jewelry and artworks. He is also a professional digital photographer, photographing the beautiful nature around him using cultural and historical themes. His artwork is an expression of himself and the land he lives in. They are uniquely designed to promote appreciation of natural and historical scenes and people and are his interpretations of what he sees. Slade chose Two Rivers Art Gallery & Unique Gift Shop because it is “the most true and honest gallery he’s ever come across. All the profits from his art sales will be donated to a nonprofit land preservation organization such as “Beyond Crater Lake.”

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