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Momiji of Klamath Falls, Sushi, Bento, Teriyaki, and a Great Time!

By Malea Hunt-Waldrup, Basinlife.com Magazine

I have a Japanese food fan on my hands.

Momiji dolls were inspired by traditional Japanese folk-art in northern Japan called Kokeshi. They were carved from spare pieces of wood and hand-painted and made by farmers. The dolls typically had a head and elongated torso representing the body and legs as a single piece. They are also the name of a Japanese maple tree. They are now a cultural phenomenon of 250 designs created over 10 years and more. They are also, a sushi restaurant chain. Located at 3380 Washburn Way E, Klamath Falls, OR, this is where my 12-year-old daughter Kellye and I landed for our special lunch together. (Online orders coming soon, but great photo gallery on their website below).

Momiji of Klamath Falls

Call 541-306-6668 for “to-go” orders (there have been mixed reviews).

Opening Hours: Sunday through Saturday (7 days a week) from 10:30 am to 9 pm.

Kellye with her Bento Box #5

You have seen it, Japanese animation, products, and culture have hit the tween and teen scene by storm. For many of my family members, there is no exception. This is now Kellye’s “favorite” restaurant in town.

Inside the restaurant was clean and uncluttered. One wall was entirely Japanese painted art, reflecting sushi, Momiji dolls, and other Japanese cultural references. There were 3 large screen TV’s above a bar, and another bar had a direct view to the chefs as they assembled the orders.

Guests were encouraged upon looking in the menu’s, to take pictures of their entree’s and post them to social medial with #momiji, proof of the posting earned them a free drink off of the cost of their order.

I ordered a lunch special of two types of sushi and miso soup. Kellye’s bento box #5 also arrived with soup. Because this was our first time there I also ordered a marinated cucumber dish called Sunomono that is common to Japanese restaurants, as well as a “sushi tower”- consisting of salmon, tuna, white tuna layered with imitation crab (delicately shredded!), avocado and rice. It was topped with spicy Japanese mayo and garlic.

My lunch special was a tempura shrimp roll and Eel rolls. I also decided to try out Japanese soda in peach flavor, my family members had tried the two flavors available at Fred Meyers, this restaurant had about 10 flavors to choose from.

If your family or date is on a budget, I would recommend taking advantage of the social media shout-out, and either making your appetizer a meal or skipping it.

The miso soup was authentic and fantastic tasting, even Kellye ate half of hers. Here is a sample of some of their menu.

Picky Family members or wanting to play it safe on the raw fish menu? Try their Raman bowls! Large and hearty with (mostly) discernable ingredients, they also feature salads and cooked appetizers for the less adventurous diners.

Over-all I would give this restaurant a great review. We were there during the lunch rush, we did not have to wait long, and they were able to fully answer all the questions we had about the food we were less than familiar with. The last note to diners everywhere- we ate with our chopsticks, you have to ask for a fork unless one automatically comes with your order.

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