Bonanza Community Center Survey

For decades the Bonanza community has entertained the idea of having their own community center.  Bonanza Cares believes the time is right to begin discussions again.  They believe the community would greatly benefit from a center focused on youth, seniors and community projects.  Bonanza Cares applied for and received, a grant from The Ford Family Foundation to conduct a feasibility study.  This grant has allowed Bonanza Cares to hire a consultant to help determine if the time is right.  Part of the study includes a community survey, which is being mailed to 1248 households in the greater Bonanza and Dairy areas.  Everyone over the age of 13 is encouraged to fill out a separate survey.  Because those living in Beatty and Bly will likely use a community center in Bonanza, they are encouraged to pick up surveys at the Bonanza General Store, Soup to Nuts, or the Big Springs Market and fill them out; or complete the survey online.  All of the instructions are included in the survey.  There is a separate survey for businesses and organizations.  The deadline to submit all surveys is August 25th.  

Beginning in September, Community Confluence Consulting will be meeting with various Businesses, groups, agencies, and organizations to discuss the idea of a center in Bonanza; gauging their interest in using the facility and their potential support.  All of the information gathered, in addition to the survey results, will be compiled into a report and presented to the community during the Bonanza Cares Annual Open House on January 2020.  

Being able to operate a community center year after year is a great concern. The Bonanza Cares board of directors has toured four community centers in Southern Oregon to learn what features they offer their communities and how they are able to continue operations.  So far they have learned that there are amenities, events, and grants that could bring in a sizable income; but ultimately, if the community wants a center, they will need to support it. Support could be through donations, annual membership fees, programs, costs for services, or volunteering.  A community center will belong to the community and with that comes some responsibility.  This study will allow Bonanza Cares to hear straight from the people and decide whether or not the community wants to move forward.

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