Badger Run Live Auction Fundraiser August 10

Live auction fundraiser at 9th Street Venue, located at 829 Klamath Ave on August 10th at 6 pm. Tickets sold in advance or at the door! Come support Badger Run!

Badger Run Wildlife Rehab is a 501 (c) 3, not-for-profit organization, dedicated to the care and treatment of injured and orphaned wildlife. We strive to return these creatures back to the wild, where they belong. For those unable to live free, yet able to live without pain or suffering, we provide life-long care at our facility. We use some of these birds and animals as ambassadors, to help educate the public. Through our education programs, we try to instill a love and caring for all things wild, illustrate the importance of each interdependent organism in an ecosystem, and educate the public in good stewardship of the environment.

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