Tulelake Shindig Street Fair & Bazaar

Arrive in Tulelake for live music, food trucks, local vendors and more! August 10, 10 am- 8 pm. Read more here!

The Tulelake Shindig Street Fair & Bazaar is a family-friendly & fun event that highlights various local cultures, crafts, and destinations, in the hope of increasing the interest of people and businesses to visit, stay and ultimately invest in the City of Tulelake. 

The idea of a street fair in Tulelake began in 2017. Tulelake’s City Council, as well the Tulelake Revitalization Committee, has endorsed and supported the Shindig from its inception. Initial skepticism has given way to the present Tulelake Shindig Street Fair & Bazaar, which is now an annual event. 

Local and nearby businesses, organizations, as well as those in surrounding cities, have embraced this SHINDIG event. Tulelake is small but proud, and we are “all in” for our Shindig Street Fair and Bazaar to continue to be a success.

This SHINDIG event has doubled since its inception in 2017. There are more vendors, community service organizations, entertainment, raffle items and all sorts of fun for kids of all ages.

Thanks to “Social Media” and all the modern technology available, the Tulelake Shindig Street Fair & Bazaar is being advertised and the word is being spread, north, south, east and west and from Mexico to Canada. People are now making plans to make sure one place they attend is the Tulelake Shindig Street Fair & Bazaar, the BIGGEST, LITTLE STREET FAIR & BAZAAR IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA!!! 

Your participation in the Shindig supports our proud City of Tulelake and provides scholarships for Tulelake High School seniors to pursue their goals. An investment in our youth is an investment in our community and our future.

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