Klamath County School District Graduations 2019! See Here for Times and Locations!

KCSD Events This Week!

  • The annual Cardboard Boat Race: WEDNESDAY, May 29, 4-6 p.m. Moore Park Marina: Physics students at Mazama, Henley, and KU build boats from cardboard, duct tape and plastic bags (for waterproofing). They then must board these boats and paddle them (again using cardboard paddles) 150 meters (or feet?) across the Moore Park Marina. Teams are awarded based on time and likely other factors. Laura Nickerson of Mazama is one of the event organizers.
  • Klamath County School District Youth Triathlon: WEDNESDAY, May 29, 4-6 p.m. Ella Redkey Pool. Tri-teams from Henley, Ferguson, and Shasta elementary schools will complete a triathlon, starting with a swim in the pool, a bike ride and then a run. All participants will receive medals as they cross the finish line. Theresa Ross of Shasta Elementary School is the event organizer.
  • The annual Graduation Sensation (a Klamath Promise event): THURSDAY, May 30, noon to 2 p.m. Starts with a parade of all Klamath Basin graduates down Main Street, ending with a celebration event at Veterans Park. The latest is that Klamath Promise will give out $39,000 in scholarships donated by community members and organizations. (I attached the Klamath Promise graphic advertising this event)

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