Klamath Symphony: Music for Heroes & Legends

Klamath Symphony to Honor Heroes and Legends with Spring Concert

Date: Saturday, May 11th, 2019

Time: 7:30 pm

Location: Ross Ragland Theater

Cost: $14 includes all fees

First Responders will be honored with free admission to the Klamath Symphony’s Spring Concert: “Music for Heroes and Legends.” This will also be a legends and superherocosplay, costume event. Though costumes are not required, audience members are encouraged to come dressed as their favorite legend, super hero or heroine. Members of the symphony will also be in costume.

“It all started as a concert about superheroes. What’s more fun than a room full of superheroes? Then I got to thinking about real heroes. It was obvious; we need to honor those who, in real life, run toward danger when the rest of us should run from it. We’d like to reward our first responders with a free symphony concert. It seems the least we can do for those who put their lives on the line for us, day-in and day-out.” says guest conductor, Dan Conrad. First responders need only show their employee ID to receive a free ticket.

Conrad has been with the symphony for the past 10 years as principal percussionist and moves to the podium for this concert. Currently teaching at Hosanna Christian, he has taught band, choir and orchestra in local schools for the past 20 years and brings his experience and enthusiasm for music to the symphony orchestra. He holds bachelor’s degrees in music history and communication from Seattle Pacific University and a master’s degree in education from the University of Phoenix.

Music will include titles such as: “Star Wars”, Beethoven’s Heroic “3rd Symphony,” “Robin Hood”, “Lord of the Rings,” “Gladiator,” “Superman,” “Harry Potter,” “Armed Forces Salute,” and more.

“This is a concert of exciting and familiar music. Add some costumes and real heroes; it’s going to be fun for the whole family!” – Conrad.

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