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Klamath Basin Refuges Accepting Cooperative Farming Proposals

Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) Complex is seeking to contract with local producers for cooperative farming privileges on 3,501 acres at Lower Klamath NWR and 460 acres at Tule Lake NWR. All growers are welcome to apply and contracts are for crop share, meaning the resulting crop is shared by the cooperator and the refuge. Growers are responsible for all growing costs, and the refuge provides land.

On Lower Klamath NWR, cooperative farming agreements will be issued for barley or wheat production on these units: 4B (408 acres), 7A (498 acres), 7B (530 acres), 8B (691 acres), 12B (750 acres), 9B-D (556 acres) and Stearn’s 6-7 (68 acres).

Units and acreages available on Tule Lake NWR are: 362 (170 acres), 364 (191 acres) and the northern half of 339 (96 acres). Crops on these units may include wheat, barley and potatoes.

For all cooperative farm agreements, preference will be given to proposals that increase the availability of habitat for waterbirds during fall migration. Grain crop share for wildlife will be a minimum of 25 percent. Units offered this year have been pre-irrigated and according to the Siskiyou County Department of Agriculture, may be certified for organic production, with the exception of the southern half of Tule Lake unit 362.

A competitive scoring system will determine successful proposals. Application packages are available from the Klamath Basin NWR headquarters at 4009 Hill Road, Tulelake, CA 96134, or by contacting Dustin Taylor at 530/667-8312. Applications must be received at the refuge headquarters by 4 pm Wednesday, April 4th, 2019 to be considered for the cooperative farming program.

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