The Klamath Works Story- Resetting Klamath Basin Lives from the Ground Up!

Social problems in the Klamath Basin all lead back to a single source, the need to work. Not only work, but take pride in work, and to continue working.

“Adulting” is not just for just graduating seniors and 20 somethings. Sometimes adults, need to learn again how to live a fulfilling life. Klamath Works does not “just help you get a job”. From the ground up, it addresses barriers to employment.

Sky Lakes Medical Center, government agencies, faith-based organizations, law enforcement, and local business partners have rallied around a common goal. The Klamath Works mission to help those in need return to self-sufficiency by preparing them for work.

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Looking at all factors to unemployment, it has been determined that a job is the best weapon in combating poverty—not merely poverty of income but of health, of pride, and of spirit. Research shows that a key to a satisfying life is not merely money, but “earned success”—the feeling that one controls their own future and deserves the rewards they have attained. Individuals who are working are more involved with their families and communities and less likely to become involved with drugs or crime. In other words – Work is GOOD.

Participants In the Falcon Heights first year program
Students in the Falcon Heights Program in Partnership with Klamath Works

In the 2017-2018 school year, Klamath Works partnered with Falcon Heights to help guide students towards a career while getting them back on track toward a diploma or GED. Once only a semester long, the class is now year-long and includes lessons on how to apply for a job and interview, how to communicate with adults (including parents and bosses), how to perform life tasks like changing a tire, and how to maintain an appropriate presence on social media. Field trips included touring Klamath Basin businesses for career option exploration.

Not Just for Teens

Identifying each individual’s strengths, addressing barriers and teaching life skills

  • Each participant has an individualized, flexible experience, no matter their age.
  • Small Group of Participants with a Job Coach
  • Short Interactive Modules Followed by Active Demonstrations
  • Individualized Coaching Through Personal Challenges to Provide a Positive, Rewarding Experience

101 Uses For Old Mattresses and Boxsprings

Mattress Springs with Edison Bulbs, Great Upcycled Lighting Fixture!
Room Screen made out of Mattress

Klamath Works non-profit organization was started in 2016. Klamath Works provides help with gaining life skills, work preparedness, barrier removal and team building to those within our community looking to emback on a brighter journey.

As the program progressed, they realized that not only could they provide second chances for their participants, but they could utilize items within the environment to “repurpose” and utilize the process to create job opportunities.

Klamath Works has created its very own mattress recycling program with this idea in mind. They offer paid working positions to their participants. They upcycle the parts and pieces of 90% of the mattresses and boxsprings into the “Worthshop” where the participants create and design the items picture above and many more!

$5 to drop off your own mattress or boxspring, or $10 to have Klamath Works pick it up, keeps these items from piling up in landfills and creates amazing pieces of work for any home to enjoy!

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