Two Rivers Art Gallery Needs YOU in Chiloquin!

Two Rivers Art Gallery is looking for persons who need to get out of the house and have a purpose in
their lives. The Gallery is doing great and expects many tourists this summer. This means even
more volunteers to help us out in areas. We make it fun and we all become great friends along the
way. It is the best healthy answer to the hum-drum. Call Judy Pate, our Director, 541-783-2428

You’re INVITED TO March Meeting: Thursday, 7th at 11:30 – 1:00 at Community Center. Many more
projects in the makings. Come join our meetings and be one of 55 people who are willing do to
something to create a better tomorrow for Chiloquin. Important meeting to attend so you can hear 12
Project Leaders give a report to The Ford Family Foundation Director, who may want to support us
financially, of their plans, progress, and visions. How exciting!! Go Chiloquin!

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