Klamath Union Student Heads to Japan

One of Klamath Union High School’s best and brightest sophomores is set to study abroad in Japan during her 2019-2020 Junior year.

Earlier in January, Elizabeth Amanda Brown, a sophomore at Klamath Union High School, was notified that she was one of the 20 students selected by the Klamath County Rotary Club to participate in the study abroad program from August 2019 to June 2020. What country will Elizabeth call home for the next academic year? Japan!

With numerous extracurricular activities around her belt, Elizabeth proves what a passionate and driven student she can be. Having initiated and grown the Ski team, being a professional gymnast, a previous professional rock climber and a Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner at the Mountain Warrior Academy, Elizabeth has a deep motivation to be disciplined and motivated to make her life experiences better.

New KU Athletic Secretary and mother to Elizabeth, Amanda Jane Brown shares, “I’m really excited for her. I think it’s going to be a great learning opportunity for her.”  Though Amanda knows her daughter will be very far away, she says, “I feel more comfortable about the idea that other moms do since I’ve done this before, for sure.”

Elizabeth stated she got the idea to travel abroad from her mother, who studied abroad in Germany during her time in high school. “I’m super excited! I’ve moved a lot throughout my life. I know how to make friends easily. Eager to learn more about herself and the experiences, Elizabeth expresses “I hope to learn the language, the culture, and I hope to make friends so I can go back and visit them later on.”

Elizabeth Brown using the smartboard in her class.Though Elizabeth and her mother are overjoyed about the educational adventure, they are still trying to figure out how to come up with the finances needed for such a trip. Just how much money does Elizabeth have to earn to go on the Rotary trip? A whopping $8,800.

In a community effort to try and help her raise funds she needs to travel, Main Street Jewelers graciously donated a Diamond Necklace (Retail value: $1,125) as the giveaway to a raffle happening Sunday, February 10th, 2019 on Facebook Live just in time for Valentine’s day. Tickets are going for $10 for one, $50.00 for six, and $100 for 15. They can be purchased via Paypal at amandakehret@hotmail.com. For more information on how to donate to Elizabeth’s study abroad opportunity please contact the KU Athletic Secretary office.

The Klamath Union Community congratulates Elizabeth on this great life-changing opportunity and looks forward to hearing about her adventures abroad.

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