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Veritas Integrative Medicine, offers Direct Primary Care and Telemedicine / Virtual Office Visits

Veritas Integrative Medicine, Direct Primary Care with Rebecca Bolling, MSN, FNP-C. Board Certified Fellowship Trained Integrative Medicine Practitioner

“Guiding you towards optimal health, wellness and longevity with whole person medicine you deserve”.

 See our Website, click here. Call us at 541-842-9433.

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A new Direct Primary Care (DPC) opportunity has opened in the Rogue Valley at Veritas Integrative Medicine Clinic (VIMC) in Medford. 

Rebecca Bolling, NP, owner of VIMC has expanded her integrative medicine practice to include a DPC membership option as of March 2022.

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“This type of primary care model is meeting the needs of many patients who are looking for more personalized, relational, accessible and affordable healthcare, all for one low monthly fee” says Bolling.

“People are tired of the overpriced, impersonal and inaccessible “sick care” and I offer something very different, which is a unique, personalized, “whole person” approach combining the best of both traditional and alternative medicine through an integrative medicine model.  

After completing a two-year fellowship in Integrative Medicine at University of Arizona, Bolling found that she could no longer practice in the typical healthcare model. “Healthcare as we know it today is mostly “sick-care.”

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It focuses on high volumes of patients, short, rushed office visits, and more and more time is spent on how to make corporate health care systems and/ or insurance companies more money but not much focus on helping patients get healthier, or stay healthy. I knew there was a better way to offer true personalized health care to patients, but it would require a different healthcare model; a model that allowed for more time with patients, easier access, affordability, personalized care and many more health care options through an integrative medicine lens,” says Bolling.

“After my first year in my integrative medicine practice, I started getting calls from people looking for an integrative medicine DPC and some of my own patients were asking as well, so I launched the membership option which has been very well received.

With an “Annual Membership” at Veritas Integrative Medicine, members get standard annual labs plus discounts on additional labs (in and of itself can pay for the entire annual membership fee); annual and follow-up office visits; CRYO; Well-Women’s Visits; 20% off pharmaceutical grade supplements; access to the world-class WellWorld patient engagement and coaching platform; eclectic and specialty lab testing; expanded access to care through texting, email and phone calls six days a week; and priority appointment bookings.

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Call us today, ask any questions and learn more about how we can help you towards your optimal health.

Our phone number is 541-842-9433. Veritas Integrative Medicine, in Medford, Oregon.

Monday-Thursday 8:30AM–5:00PM

Veritas Integrative Medicine
845 Alder Creek Drive
Medford, Oregon 97504

Phone: 541-842-9433
Fax: 541-842-9492

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