2023 Advertising Specials with Wynne Broadcasting’s BasinLife.com!

Wynne Broadcasting’s BasinLife.com, is the #1 place to advertise your business online! We’re the digital home of the Klamath Basin. Reach your customers on our six Radio Stations, Facebook & Instagram and here on BasinLife.com on our Homepage, Feature Pages and City Pages.

Try our Gold Campaign!

Go bigger! Get our Premier Partner Campaign!

Reach everyone fast! Try a one-time Email Blast to over 10,000 residents
in the area!

…Here’s the details of 3 great plans for 2023!

Join us for 2023!
Try our new Super Deals
at $100 per Eblast!
Reach over 10,500 residents with your advertising special with other great clients!

Super Deals gives you daily radio mentions, direct link banner ads, an article, and an Eblast to thousands of Klamath Basin residents! ….Price: just $150 per Email Blast reaches 1/6th of our Klamath County population, and our email list is growing every month!

Many clients are doing these regularly, reaching customers with offer, growing their business and building their brand. Join us for a month or each month as the year goes along. Call us today. Click on the pic for a look at Super Deals!

Call 541-363-7503. Email: Info@BasinLife.com.

Appear on any 2 FEATURE PAGES!
Only $55 a month!

Our GOLD CAMPAIGN gives you a permanent Banner Ad on any TWO City pages and any TWO FEATURE PAGES such as Restaurants, Entertainment, Shopping & Stores, Home & Style, Healthcare, Automotive, Hair, Spa & Beauty, Real Estate, Farm/Ag, Contractors or others! Plus you receive articles, banner ads floating across all pages, Radio Mentions all week on our 6 Wynne Broadcasting stations, and deals and offers and more!)

Just $95 a month!

Our Premier Partner campaign includes a Free Business Video with direct link, banners on 2 Feature Pages and fixed position banners on all 8 City Pages! Plus fresh articles, 6 floating banner ads across all pages, Daily Radio Mentions across our 6 Wynne Broadcasting stations, deals and offers for customers, Extra Social Media Posts, Live Events Sponsorship, and Facebook Live Interviews and Store tours, and Contests Sponsorship! Join many other top local businesses with this package!

We’re reaching thousands of readers every day, here on BasinLife.com, and on social media.

We know more about digital advertising than anyone in the Klamath Basin. We’ll work within your budget for times like these with a custom campaign to get more eyeballs on your products and services. Get it all from Wynne Broadcasting’s BasinLife.com!


With our various advertising campaigns, we offer you Fresh Articles, Business Videos, Facebook Live Store Tours & Interviews, Social Media Video Posts, direct-link Banner Ads, Podcasts, Deals & Coupon Offers, Contest Sponsorship, Sports Schedule Sponsorship, our popular Email Blasts to over 10,000 local residents are very popular… PLUS Daily Radio Mentions across our 6 radio stations.

Nobody gives you more than Wynne Broadcasting’s BasinLife.com when it comes to digital and radio advertising to increase your visibility, branding, and online content for your products and services to the most desirable audiences in Southern Oregon.

We do all the work for you at BasinLife.com with the best writers, graphic designers, photographers and videographers. 

We’ve been in the media in Oregon for over 45 years. We’ll probably reach more people today than your website, Facebook or Instagram page may reach in a month or all year! Let’s chat.

Call 541-363-7503. Email: Info@BasinLife.com.

Let go of your weak print advertising, yellow pages, and the expensive advertising that’s maybe already costing you a bundle, like tv and outdoor advertising.

We’ll customize a plan so you are on exactly the page(s) here you want to be on and reach the Klamath Basin. And we’ll bump up social media posts for you too. Our Facebook and Instagram pages reaches over 9500 followers! Get on board with BasinLife.com!

Our goal is to help you reach your audience better every day! Get a better ROI (return on investment) with our huge online reach. Nobody knows more about digital marketing than we do! And hey, we’re a Google Favorite Destination!

87% of readers respond to Videos and Digital Ads better and faster than TV commercials.  Let us be your video and digital advertising partner.

Most people in the Klamath Basin see BasinLife.com on their phone or tablet, and while at work, they are reading the news, checking the weather and reading our many features stories.

We offer Live Events Sponsorship too! You’ll also be a part of our many online contests…with an entry box in your store! We also do Social Media Management.  Let us add to your Facebook and Instagram pages for you.


Call 541-363-7503. Email: Info@BasinLife.com.

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