Oregon Lottery Numbers, Powerball, MegaMillions Numbers!

Current Jackpot $95,000,000

05/16/2020 Results 8-12-26-39-42 11 x2

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Current Jackpot $274,000,000

05/15/2020 Results 11-17-32-33-46 25 x3

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Lucky Lines

Current Jackpot $62,000

05/18/2020 Results 1-6-9-13-18-23-27-30

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Current Jackpot $1,600,000

05/18/2020 Results 4-11-31-35-37-45

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A New GameEvery 4 Minutes

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Best Odds to Win$1 Million

Raffle Details

Win for Life

05/18/2020 Results 15-18-44-68

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Pick 4

05/18/2020 Results 8-9-5-4

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