Josiah Biddlecome: Book Signing for a Young Author

Josiah, being one of our youngest Artists at Two Rivers Art Gallery & Gift Shop, has expanded his talents as an Author. Many people were there to sign up and buy Josiah’s new book”Infantry Soldier”

Josiah’s Book Signing was on August 3rd at the Gallery. Many who have read his book are amazed at his talent and determination. It is a lot of work to write a book as this Director, Judy Pate knows and it is even harder to finish the book, edit the book, print the book, and market it.

You can buy his book at the Gallery for $10.50. Come into our beautiful Gallery and enjoy the many local Artists within our county and their beautiful artwork. It is right in the center of Chiloquin in our Community Center with over 3,000 sq ft of Art. 

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