National Eat Your Vegetables Day!

June 17th….and…every day! Eat those vegetables! All the colors of the rainbow show up in the many types of vegetables that human beings can eat. They come in all shapes and sizes and flavors, with and without the crunch. Eat your vegetable day is all about getting people eating their veggies, and spreading awareness about the need for a healthy diet.

Celebrate this fantastic day, that has many nutrient related benefits by making sure veggies play a major role in your daily diet. Eat a rainbow every day and crunch some new veggies. Have a “try” day, or try a new cooking method to an old favorite (you know you want to try that grill!).

Casserole them, dip them, roast them, grill them steam them, the methods are as endless as the variety available. Celebrate this day and this growing season and bite down on some goodness!

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