Bonanza and Shasta Elementary Schools Sixth Graders Summit Tradition

Bonanza, Shasta sixth graders celebrate end of elementary school with Hogback hike

About 100 sixth-graders from Bonanza and Shasta elementary schools celebrated their graduations from elementary school today by hiking to the summit of Hogback Mountain.

Bonanza sixth-grader Jorge Aguirre on the trail to the summit of Hogback Mountain.

The students, led by P.E. teachers Jason Hardrath of Bonanza and Theresa Ross of Shasta as well as teachers and adult volunteers, took a 2.4-mile trail from the parking lot of Foothills Christian Church to the top of the 6,205-foot mountain, which looms above the Moyina Heights neighborhood northeast of Klamath Falls. At the summit, the students ate lunch before heading down.

Roundtrip, the hike was about five miles, including an elevation gain of 1,761 feet to the top. The late Shasta Elementary School sixth-grade teacher Trish Polsinelli started the tradition more than 15 years ago, and Shasta students continue the hike in her honor each year, Ross said. The event is an end-of-the-year celebration for the sixth-graders and serves as a wellness goal for students.

Bonanza sixth-graders Aaron Neighbors and Kelsey Whitaker on the trail to the summit of
Hogback Mountain.

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