Reach Inc. Recycle Sort Line Near Completion

From its beginning in 1987 REACH has strived to make a positive impact in the Klamath Community. When our Executive Team realized that Klamath Falls had a problem with its Recycle Program, we began working with community and business leaders to carve out what REACH could do. A task force lead by REACH invested two years into research and development to provide a solution to the ever-growing curbside recycled waste problem.

REACH is only weeks away from opening its Recycle Sort Line, located inside our Maywood Drive Facility. The Sort Line will allow REACH to capture a percentage of the basins recyclable items and package them into more marketable formats. This new service will ensure that as much of our local items are getting recycled as economically as possible.

New Jobs

The new Sort Line will provide 7 to 10 new entry-level jobs to people of the Klamath Basin. REACH has always taken pride in the number of jobs that we are able to provide and are particularly happy when we can energize the local market with new job offerings.

Tours & Questions

Everyone is welcome to call and schedule a tour of REACH facilities or if you would like to join us, there will be a media day and open house in the near future. Watch for details (for tours please call 541-882-8803)

About REACH Inc.:  REACH, Inc. provides productive work, rehabilitation, and training for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment. REACH also operates a Pallet Woodmill, Recycling Plant, Upcycle Store, Upcycle Woodshop, Art Program, and a Day Services Area for participants who either don’t want to or unable to work and would like to learn life skills, participate in arts and crafts, and improve social skills by interacting with other in camaraderie.

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