Klamath Sustainable Communities Featuring the “Reclaimers” Team – the Catalyze Klamath First Place Winners

The annual meeting of KSC will be May 30thThe meeting will be at Sizzler Steak House
in the banquet room + + 2346 South Sixth Street at 6:30 PM
Featured speakers the “Reclaimers” team- 1st Place Winners of Catalyze Klamath From Oregon Tech!

Making a presentation about their project to: convert waste plastic to crude oil using pyrolysis. 
The “Reclaimers” team, winner of the first prize at OIT’s Catalyze Klamath, will provide details about
their plans to convert waste plastic into crude oil.  In simple terms, pyrolysis is a technique where
plastic is put in a big pot and heated until the molecules break down, resulting in crude oil.  

This could be a huge step in solving the plastic crisis facing the U.S. and the world. 
It is also an exciting economic development opportunity for the Klamath community.

Schedule for the meeting
– arrive and order food so you will be served prior to the start of the presentation.  
-Purchasing a meal is optional although buying a drink would be a courtesy to Sizzlers.
-Welcome and introduction of the Reclaimers team. 
Reclaimers make their presentation followed by a time for questions and answers. After Q&A, the KSC meeting will start – main agenda item is the selection and election of the Board by KSC members. People there for the Reclaimers presentation – please arrive at least ten minutes before the presentation to avoid disruption.  Attendees need not stay for the KSC meeting although all are welcome to attend.
May is the month to become a member of Klamath Sustainable Communities to renew your membership. 

Click here for a  membership application 

You may join KSC the night of the meeting.  Applications will be available.

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