Let’s All Get Home- Transportation Safety Awareness Month

Spring brings out the orange. Orange cones, barrels, and signs reminding us all that road construction season has arrived. Most everyone plans their travel routes, slows down for work zones, expects some delays and knows that better roads are coming.

But there’s always someone who doesn’t. Doesn’t plan. Doesn’t slow down. Doesn’t expect delays. Road workers and travelers are at high risk of injuries in work zone crashes. Often because someone is distracted, impaired, or driving too fast for the conditions. People are injured. Killed. Not going home.

In Oregon we averaged 555 work zone crashes a year between 2013 and 2017. That’s one every 16 hours.

We work with our partners to continuously enhance the safety of the traveling public, property owners, employees, and the workers who build, operate, and maintain our transportation system. May is Transportation Safety Awareness Month. Join us in getting everyone to be aware of work zones, so everyone can get home.

This month and through our summer construction season we and our partners, including Oregon State Police, Oregon Trucking Association, Associated General Contractors and AAA Oregon/Idaho, will be sharing social media messages, videos, and advertising to help people remember – when you see orange, respect the zone.

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