Where Is Red and White Stripe Man?

This is a sample article to be used for figuring out this new website. I want to see where the article shows up, if it stays there, and I want to mess around with all the plugins and features associated and available with every article.

The purpose is to mess with everything I can possibly mess with and thus gain a better understanding of WordPress. This will include messing around with picture editing and picture splash editing and colors and patterns, everything I can find in other words, to make this article shine as appropriate for the content.

Random Picture 1
Random Picture 2

Then I am going to play around with picture locations in the article, picture sizes and everything else to make the article look great.

I also want to mess around with video vs article vs podcast or audio. The document features that are available.

This will include mastering YOST and the readability to score as well as the anchor articles. Happy article hunting!- Malea

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