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Ready, Set, Fundraiser! KU Orchestra Aspires to England and Tuscon!

Because of the Orchestra’s 'lofty' travel goals this year, the students are having to get very serious about fundraising very quickly.  To this end, the best way to go about this was the formation of an Orchestra Booster Club.

A booster club is a parent/community group that meets to support a school activity.  Though teachers can run fundraisers through the school, they are limited to the number and types of fundraisers that they can organize.  In order to stay fair and impartial, KU needs to approve all school fundraisers in advance, plus all money that is raised is subject to school district billing and purchasing procedures.  A Parent Booster Club, however, would not be run by the school and therefore would not be beholden to the same restrictions.

At the KU Open House on Wednesday, there was a sign-up list for the Orchestra Booster Club in the orchestra room.  This was intended as a contact list so that parents could start communicating.  Orchestra Parents had to sign up on the contact list if they wanted their children to participate in Booster Club fundraisers. Wendy Savage plans on being an active member of the Booster Club (as an adviser and a parent!).

Present at the KU open house were also some sign-ups for interest in some fall/winter fundraising ideas. These are fundraisers that had not yet been organized (so no details were given) and could be run by the school or a Booster Club. 

Participating in fundraisers is often fun and fairly simple, but ORGANIZING the fundraisers can easily burn people out.  Savage’s  goal is to avoid burn-out from one or two generous parents by spreading the work-load and encouraging parents to help run/organize ONE fundraiser this year.  Many of these fundraisers are still up for grabs, parents are to Let Wendy Savage know if they can organize any of these projects or have suggestions for other fundraisers.

Presented Ideas

  • Christmas Wrapping stations (Fred Meyer, Wal-Mart etc)
  • Christmas Bizarre (gifts, food, music)
  • PARENTS NIGHT OUT movie/activity night for kids (run by HS kids to give parents a night out or holiday shopping time)
  • Talent Show/Dinner Banquet (BBQ or Spaghetti dinner, auction.)
  • Halloween Haunted House (fun retreat project!)
  • Gift Wrap/Holiday Brochure Fundraiser
  • Saturday Music Academy (help with supervision for lessons/tutoring to younger students)
  • ShamROCK the House (March)
  • Fred Meyer Play-a-Thon
  • Car Washes
  • Papa Murphy Pizza Cards
  • Bottle/Can Drive

If you have any questions or would like to donate time or ideas, contact

Wendy Savage

Orchestra Director

Klamath Union High School

Klamath Falls City Schools

1300 Monclaire Street

Klamath Falls, OR  97601

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