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City Schools - Open Letter to Parents from Superintendent Paul Hillyer

Dear Parent or Guardian, I hope this finds you and your family doing well and enjoying a wonderful summer.

Before we know it, the new school year will be here. This is an opportune time to start thinking about how to create the conditions for our children to experience school success in the 2017‐18 school year. One of the most important ways is faithful attendance.  

Last year, thanks to your help, district attendance showed good improvement. In the 2016‐17 school year, 77.33% of KFCS students were faithful attenders (missing less than 10% of school days). This is an improvement over the prior year’s 74.50%. We are confident this improvement trend will continue through your encouragement.  

Attendance is critical as the difference between school success and failure is often determined by the amount of time a student is in school. For example, research shows that few students will graduate from high school on time if they average 20 or more absences a year. This is a little more than two absences a month. In addition, grades tend to drop at least a full letter grade if students miss this much school time.

Thus, it is very important that our children attend school unless they are ill or experiencing other exceptional circumstances. Excused illness is a fever over 100 and/or vomiting. Absences due to colds or other minor ailments do not fall into this category. We understand that unplanned situations occasionally happen that keep students out of school. This includes bereavement or serious illness in the family.

They can also include inclement weather or family emergencies. However, an important goal is to reduce the number of times students are out of school as much as possible.  

“Strive for Five” is our motto. This means each student’s goal is to miss five or less days of school in a year. Students that meet this goal will be well on their way to school success. Your help is critical in making this possible.

Thank you for all you do to support your children’s achievement. Your partnership with our schools is highly valued. Our children cannot succeed without you. Have a great rest of your summer and let us know anything we can do to help your family have a great school year.

Warm regards,


Paul Hillyer

Superintendent of the Klamath Falls City Schools

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