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Chiloquin Residents…- Join Our Tourism Action Team To Help Chiloquin Rise!

Join our Tourism ACTION Team or any other groups working behind the scene to create a better Chiloquin.

There are students in a leadership class with Vice-Principal Jordan Osborne; calling themselves "Chiloquin Rising"  We also have a community and tribal organization meeting at the High School called, "Chiloquin
First";  "Chiloquin Community Tourism ACTION Team" is pulling together with the Two Rivers Art Gallery, City of Chiloquin, the Klamath Tribe, and Chiloquin Christian Center. Many of the businesses are partnering with us to help each other accomplish organized and realistic goals.

We have families, businesses, organizations, and individuals participating in putting words into ACTIONS by focusing on parts of Chiloquin needing our attention; creating a better economy, drawing more businesses
into Chiloquin, beautifying some less than beautiful areas within our city limits, encouraging tourism, and showing how inviting and friendly our city is to all.

What has already been accomplished?
 Refreshing of the large mural in the Two Rivers Art Gallery parking lot
 Putting a Tourism Sign 15' x 10' on the Rodeo Grounds for all tourists and travelers to see as they travel up and down Highway 97 looking for a place to stop. The icons tell them what is available in
Chiloquin and urges them to "Enjoy Chiloquin."
 Beautifying the Rodeo Grounds, hoping we’ll soon be an "Event Center" with many events, attractions, and outdoor fun, hoping travelers will stay an extra day or two in our area. All cannot be done in one day helps tourism and funding tourism projects.
 We had the Sierra Club of young people paint all the handicap signs for most of the businesses downtown.
 The Artists of Two Rivers Art Gallery helped the Tribe at their Pow Wow and other events by having booths on the main street, “Chiloquin Arising” of Chiloquin along with some businesses.
 We have approval and designs, ready to paint the backs of our buildings which faces the train tracks with signs that show some of the attributes our little community has to offer. An example: Community
Center Building saying “Library, Community Event Center, Art Gallery.” When the many people who travel on Amtrak come by, they will know we are far from a ghost town…we are a community that
offers plenty.
 We are in the process of putting another tourism sign on Hwy 422N and Hwy 62 and an Information Center Sign with little signs to easily lead tourists and travelers into Chiloquin and to our Visitor’s Information Center located in Two Rivers Art Gallery & Gift Shop.
 We are now accomplishing one of our goals; to light up the main street (1 st St) of Chiloquin with beautiful Christmas lights as well as lighting up and decorating our Christmas Trees (thanks to our Fire and Rescue of Chiloquin). Our children of the community are decorating the trees. Others in our community are invited too. Let’s continue to hang up outdoor ornaments, making Chiloquin beautiful.
Thanks to all!

Bazaar at the Lady of Carmel Catholic Church December 8th. - Coming soon!

We are lining up more projects and invite anyone to join our team!

Next luncheon meeting, of the Chiloquin Community Tourism ACTION Team, is a luncheon at Potbelly Cafe at noon, on Thursday, December 6th. A head count is needed for this luncheon so you MUST let Judy Pate
know you are coming BEFORE the 5th of December.  Use Judy's cell number: 541-783-2428 (call using a cell phone, please).

We can accomplish so much when we all come together and get things done! Thank you to all who are helping by donating to our cause and working beside us to accomplish the many Chiloquin projects.

The next Chiloquin Community Tourism ACTION Team Meeting is Thursday, January 3, 2019, at the Two Rivers Art Gallery Activity

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