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Sources of Strength (SOS) Working With WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) Students In Regards To Peer Leadership

Sources of Strength worked with the WEB leaders to help become better school-wide leaders.

Sources of Strength's mission statement is to provide quality evidence-based prevention for suicide, violence, bullying and substance abuse by training, supporting, and empowering both peer leaders and caring adults to impact their world through the power of connection, hope, help, and strength.  (https://sourcesofstrength.org/). 

This took place at Ponderosa Middle School Wednesday, November 8, 2017.


Students are made to become more aware of and gain strategies to provide help to students who might be struggling and at risk for the mentioned behaviors above. 

Peers at this age level are a huge support system for students.  It is important for student leaders to have strategies to provide support for their peers.

Youth Rising has become a community partner with Ponderosa in order to provide support for improving school-wide culture and climate. 

The WEB students met in the classroom and were able to have conversations about teen concerns, participate in activities and games, and work in small groups in order to become more aware of how to positively impact students.  


Ponderosa's WEB students and Upstanders Club are working together with SOS and Youth Rising to bring about monthly awareness or "campaigns" of issues that teenagers face in school and in the community!

Kurt Lonner, "I really liked when the students shared their posters they created out loud in the class.  The students found they were similar and had similar interests that they did not know about each other."

Sources of Strength was brought in with the help of Youth Rising. 

Britt Weidman is the Program Manager for Youth Rising (541.887.8518)

School contact person:
Kurt Lonner - Teacher (WEB Leader)
Nancy Rupp - Counselor (WEB Leader)
Stacia Hanson - Teacher (Upstander Advisor)

School contact number: 541.883.4740


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