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KU DECA Creates Cooking Competition Series

Media Design teacher Dan Stearns, in collaboration with KU DECA Advisor Nat Ellis, are helping to bring student’s ideas to life with the new food video series called "King of the Kitchen." Similar to the Food Network TV show "Chopped," DECA students wanted to have a strong business project to take to their State Competitions this year, and have been working hard to get it up and going.

Students and staff took the initiative to the community to attract sponsors for the event. After purchasing the food and the equipment to be used in the kitchen, KU DECA raised a total of $2,500.

Both Ellis and Stearns brought their teams of students together to make the event successful. Ellis’ team organized the event, while Stearns’ team of students aimed to produce the best video footage of the Food competition. The filming of this production was done from Saturday, December 8th - Tuesday, December 11th, 2018, with each show taking about 2-3 hours to film.

Judges for the show included Culinary arts teacher Rhiannon Kerr, DECA advisor Nat Ellis, and Junior student Kannah Greer.

The host and MC of the video series was KU senior Lysetta Cook.

Freshman Annie Campbell, who participated behind the scenes, explained, "It was a really cool experience, I enjoyed it a lot! I got to try all the food and was filming the shots. It was cool, because it was something new, and didn't know what to expect."

As Stearns' students finish the editing process, the KU DECA food video series "King of the Kitchen," will have a total of 6 shows. Cooking participants included two staff members, two students, and one community member. Names of the participants will be given in the next article highlighting the official winner of the show earning the title "King of the Kitchen".

Advisor Nat Ellis emphasized how hard the students have worked on the project, and how excited to have his team present it at the DECA state competitions in a few months.

Where will everyone be able to watch the show? On YouTube! More information in the next article.

Update February 5th, 2019

Klamath Union DECA & Klamath Union Media Design are proud to announce the distribution of our own cooking show called King of the Kitchen. Episode 1 starring KU students Isaiah Huck, Eva Belsky, and Declan Ritter will be distributed to the public for viewing beginning this week. Five additional episodes will follow including the exciting final.
Until then, please take a look at the King of the Kitchen preview.

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