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Ponderosa Middle School Hosts Ignite Program From Klamath Union Students

Tuesday the 9th of January was the first day the Associated Student Body (ASB) of  Klamath Union High School met with the Ponderosa 8th graders.


The Ignite program takes place in 8 classrooms of 8th graders at Ponderosa Middle school a total 4 times during the school year. 


Peer mentoring creates relationships. Just as freshman look to the older kids at Klamath Union to help them guide their way through high school, moving from a middle school to high school can be an even greater transition for students.


This program gives 8th-grade students an avenue to engage with their new school and to become a part of the Klamath Union community.

The Klamath Union Students went to the 8th-grade advisory classes and introduced themselves to the next year’s incoming freshman. The Ignite mentors then did activities with the 8th graders starting with an icebreaker in which the students were able to introduce themselves.

After the icebreaker was an activity called “Talking Ball”. This allowed 8th graders to address and talk about myths they have heard and what they are concerned about in regards to high school.

The Second activity done was “Things We Wish We Knew”. Students were able to write down three things they wanted to know about high school and then the mentors addressed the questions.

 “I really liked Advisory today because we sat in a circle and had a ball tossed to us. We were able to talk about our concerns and the KU students did not just say ‘ok’ and move on, they gave advice and information.” - Emalie Lemieux (8th-grade student)

More information coming soon about the Ignite program at Ponderosa and the ASB program at Klamath Union!

Daymond Monteith is the Principal of Ponderosa Middle School and can answer questions about the program as it relates to Ponderosa, 541.883.4740.  Marvin Dykstra is the ASB Advisor at Klamath Union High School, 541.883.4710


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