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Klamath Falls City Schools Tag Project Saturdays For ANY 4th Through 8th Grade Student!

Grade 4-8 TAG Project Saturdays



Once a month opportunities will be given for students to use their talents to explore the interesting subject matter in active and challenging ways.


Any 4rth through 8th-grade student may attend the TAG Saturday projects. Invitations will be sent to identified TAG students.


These project days will take place at the school of the teacher delivering the project. Currently, it is Conger and KU.


The teacher in charge of the project will determine how the projects are executed. However, it will be very interactive and involve numerous ways to challenge and stretch student thinking.


These Saturday projects will give students a chance to expand their understanding, help them think in new directions, and develop interests in a number of disciplines.


Dates     Times              Topic                                          Presenter/Location

1/20       9 a.m.-1 p.m.  Developing and delivering a Ted Talk-Nat Ellis and DECA-KU Cafeteria


2/17       1- 4 p.m.          How energy is transferred            Norma Mathis - Conger Cafeteria


3/17       1-4 p.m.           Exploring Color w/ Watercolors    Sarah Gray- Conger Cafeteria


4/21        1-4 p.m.          Earth’s place in the universe         Norma Mathis- Conger Cafeteria


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