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Space In Mills Dedicated To Students As A Place To Refocus

There is a fabulous space at Mills called “The Range.” 


It is a place at Mills where designated students go at pre-determined times to help them stay focused at school. 

A team of staff members determines who would benefit from using this space and what times would be the most beneficial for those students. 

The Range is a place where students get away from the stressors of the classroom for about 15 minutes and can relax and refocus on learning. 


The purpose is to catch the students before they lose focus in class, give them an opportunity to regain their focus and return them to active learning as quickly as possible. 


The range is an area of the school that is very calm and serene.  Students are scheduled for a time at the range determined by "triggers" that might cause undesirable behaviors. The idea is that the range will allow students to visit an area that may help de-escalate anxiety levels that might cause behavior problems.

It was organized by Jeff Haudenshild, our Dean of Students, and Darcie Turner, a paraprofessional at Mills.  It is staffed all day every day by Darcie Turner and Jeff Reynolds.


For more information about this and other great programs at Mills Elementary, contact Jeff Haudenshild at 541-883-4754

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