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Ponderosa Middle School ACE Card Drawings For Student’s Excellent Efforts

Affirming and Celebrating Excellence- ACE Recognition at Ponderosa Middle School


Students at Ponderosa Middle School are encouraged to be safe, responsible, and respectful. When the staff sees a student exemplifying these qualities or simply doing as they have been told, they have the opportunity to earn what is called ACE cards.

The first redemption drawing for the year was in January, and one of the students pulled a $100 bill out of the cash jar.

Five names are drawn for each grade, and that $100 bill is hidden in a cash jar full of $1’s, some 5’s, some 10’s, and 20’s for each of the grades to have their chance. The other option is choosing a grab bag, one of which is a dud bag.

This month’s dud bag was chosen by a student in 6th grade named Sevanah R. It had a SpongeBob party hat in it. The two other prize bags that were chosen by Jaden S. and Wyatt B., each had a Dutch Brother’s sticker and gift card, an Epicenter Gift certificate, a Daily Bagel gift certificate, and a Ponderosa wristband.

The following students all pulled $1 out of the cash jar looking for the bigger prize:


6th grade 

  • Lindon M.
  • Sevanah R.
  • Shaunna V.
  • Alyse P.


7th grade

  • Andy H.
  • Kaylee G.




8th grade

  • Luis G.
  • Destiny R. - Her name was drawn twice- so a total of $2



8th grader’s Tristan L. drew $10, and Giovanni R. drew $20. The money and prizes would be held until after school and to give all students who turned tickets in a fair chance for the prizes.


Before spring break in March will be the next drawing. The last event of the year involving ACE card tickets in late spring will have all of the tickets from the year put back in the large pool for a concentration game with the huge end of the year prizes. 


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